The pharmacist will see you now.

Convenient, accessible and close to home, Canada’s 42,500+ pharmacists are there for you when you need them – including evenings and weekends.

Health Care in Canada needs to see a pharmacist.

Government needs to reinvest in pharmacy services.

Your health.
Your care.
Your pharmacist.

Pharmacists are doing more than ever before.

Your pharmacist can…

help you quit smoking

help you when your kids get sick

assess and treat your minor ailments

help you manage conditions, like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and cholesterol

give you your flu shot and other injections

and much more!

It’s time to rethink what your pharmacist is to you.

What your pharmacist does for you

Makes sure your prescription is correct and complete

Checks that the dose and strength are appropriate

Makes sure the medication won’t cause interactions with medication you currently take or another health condition you may have

Communicates with your doctor if there are questions

Documents everything and completes drug insurance paperwork and sends claim to insurer

Counsels you on how to use medication safely and effectively

Do you know what goes on behind the counter while you wait? A lot more than you think.